Iron Podcast!

Iron and its beauty benefits’ Script:

Hi, my name is Katelyn Quealy and I am a nutrition student at Framingham State University. I recently created a blog that is dedicated to eating for a healthy complexion and healthy hair.

Many people struggle to get enough iron into their diets. Iron is essential for our bodies and plays a big role in the health of our hair, face and even our nails.

Iron helps hair grow stronger and faster. Hair can become very dull and dry without enough iron. Iron even prevents hair loss. So if you are brushing your hair and notice a lot of hair in your brush, you may need more iron!

If you do not consume enough iron, you can become very pale, so more iron will give you a healthy glow.

Iron also promotes nail growth. It helps nails grow strong so they will not break. Nobody likes a broken nail!

If you do not take in enough iron, you may be iron deficient. Iron deficiency is called anemia.

Anemia can make you very tired and can even interfere with your memory and alertness. This is not good if you have an important meeting or a busy schedule.

So now that I have told you about the benefits of consuming iron and what happens if you do not consume enough, I will give you ideas on how to get enough iron into your diet.

Women need more iron then men; you should try to aim for 18mg of iron a day.

If you eat meat, lean meats are a sure way to get iron into your diet. If you do not eat meat, don’t worry you can still get iron from other sources!

Green leafy vegetables contain iron. I like to sauté spinach in olive oil and I make kale chips instead of potato chips.

Dried fruit contains iron. Try adding a box of raisins to your lunch. Breads and cereals are often fortified with iron, so be sure to check if your grains have iron in them! If they do not, be sure to purchase cereals that do!

Beans are a great source of iron. You can make chili, add them into your salads, or for an easy dinner, make brown rice and beans with some seasonings. It is easy, affordable and delicious!

You should try to eat some foods that contain vitamin C when you eat iron. The vitamin C helps your body use more iron. I like to pair orange juice with a fortified cereal in the morning.

To conclude, Iron boosts hair health, gives you a nice glow and promotes healthy nails. You can become very tired if you do not eat enough sources of iron. I talked about the many ways you can get into your diet, like eating lean meats, beans, fortified cereals and green leafy vegetables.

I want to thank you for listening to my first podcast, again my name is Katelyn Quealy and I am a nutrition student. I encourage you to leave me any comments or questions after listening and I encourage you to visit my blog for more information on Healthy Foods for Healthy Skin and Hair.

Thank you so much.

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