Blueberries Are Great For Your Skin!

Breakfast Cereal 3

I love blueberries, which is why I decided to use a picture of blueberries as my blog photo!

As a child, my family hiked in Acadia National Park every summer. My favorite part of the hike was eating the wild blueberries at the top of the mountain. Every August, I pick my own blueberries at a farm located close to my house. Besides loving the taste of blueberries, I also love how good they are for me.

Blueberries increase blood flow, which gives your face a natural glow. Blueberries get their color from the same nutrients that shield your face from sun damage. The nutrients found in blueberries also keep your face firm and young looking, which means less wrinkles! For more information on blueberries and their skin benefits, click here.

You should try to eat at least 2 to servings of fruit a day for maximum health benefits. A ½ cup is the serving for fresh fruits (like blueberries) and ¼ cup is the serving for dried fruits.

My favorite way to eat blueberries is by making blueberry oatmeal in the morning. I boil a cup of milk then add ½ cup of oats to the milk and reduce the heat to low while stirring to prevent clumps. I then add a sweetener, usually brown sugar or agave nectar. The last step is to add a big handful of fresh or frozen blueberries. Sometimes I slice a banana into the oatmeal as well. It is a very delicious breakfast that gets you going in the morning.

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