Yogurt: Great for the Skin

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Eating enough protein does wonders for our body. Protein even promotes beautiful skin. Maybe you heard the word collagen before relating to skin? Protein builds collagen and the collagen helps keep your skin firm, radiant and wrinkle-free.

So lets eat some protein! You can get protein from sources like lean meats, eggs, beans and dairy products.  If your anything like me, you love a sweet treat after a long, busy day.

I love making yogurt parfaits for dessert. Yogurt contains protein and Greek yogurt contains double the amount of protein that regular yogurt does! I use Greek yogurt because its protein content helps my skin and keeps me full. I enjoy adding dark chocolate chips, agave nectar walnuts and oats to my parfaits.

For more information on this topic please check out this website:


Not a fan of yogurt but still want its benefits? Check this website out. You can add yogurt to so many different meals!


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